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I am so glad you are on this page and looking to work more closely with Claes and I.

One day I had the dream to come live in the USA. This dream came true. I thought everything from then on was going to be wonderful. For me, USA meant Disneyland, Success, Adventure. Well, it did not go this way at first. For many years I lived a not so happy life, while not making much money. Nine years after my move, I was able to start changing my life by creating new patterns of thought that led me where I am today: happy, having a great husband who is my soulmate, amazing children, an incredible global business and the possibility to help many people around me.

Even back in France, I loved to help people achieve their dreams, especially artists. This is something I was enjoying and wanted to bring to a bigger level. Whoever you are and whatever you want to do, the universe works the same way. Flashback 9 years ago I started to work on myself and that’s when a few months later I was introduced to the company I am with today.

 I have been exposed to many different opportunities, even worked with some of them, but there are a few reasons why this one worked so well for me, and for many people I helped:

The founder has a very strong purpose of bringing True Health to the world. And by True Health he means 3 things: Physical Health, Financial Health, Spiritual Health (Peace of Mind). And this is the underlying WHY to all what we do. Our mission is to bring this true health to people, one family at a time, with compassion.

And to support that, we also have:

Awesome leverage and duplicable systems.

Great leadership and compassionate teams.

A trend product.

A product that I love, and that I use every day, many times a day. And sometimes at night too.

A product that I would buy even if there was no comp plan.

A product that I can truly help people with and that I can market worldwide.

A Product that absolutely everyone can use (and looking to the future, that I believe most will have).

A rock solid 42 years old company, debt free and global with offices in 22 countries (no risky start-ups).

A patented compensation plan.

A company where 89% of the people buy the product for their own use, not because they want to do the business – they are end-users/customers not distributors.

It’s all about YOUR DREAMS and YOUR LIFE, so it is important before starting a business that you make sure that not only you see the opportunity, but also that you see the opportunity FOR YOURSELF, meaning, does it fit you?

At first, I did not think this company was for me. It was only after watching some videos and understanding what I had in front of me that I got so excited! Although I had promised myself to never do network marketing again, I am so glad I changed my mind, because it changed my life!

I really believed that I had something in my hands that could not only change my life but the life of so many people that I went on creating a massive success right in my first year!

So keep in mind when you go through the information that there is no pressure as what’s important is for you to see whether or not it fits for you!

I don’t work with everyone who wants to join because I want to work with people who are in it for the long run and will invest time and I don’t want to waste my time or yours.

  • Are you someone coachable?
  • Are you dependable?
  • Are you pleasant to work with?
  • Do you have a positive mindset?
  • Do you have a burning desire to succeed?
  • Are you ready to create the life you dreamed about?

If you answered yes to those questions I want to give you the opportunity to learn more about what my main income stream is and how you can possibly work with myself and some of our leaders in my team.

I want you to live your passions. I want you to make your dreams come true!

Click the link below. It will take you to a short application form to fill out and it will allow me to give you more information. I will show you what my main income stream is, how I make a living while helping so many people, live my passions and how I have been able for the past 9 years to help so many people in the home based business industry make money with us.

Then, either myself or one of my amazing team leaders will be calling you and connecting with you to give you some more information and learn about you and some of your goals and dreams to see if this is a fit for you to work with us.

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