So, I have for some time now been intrigued by earning a living through writing about what I have found useful in my life and presenting it to my fellow travelers on this piece of real estate, we in the English speaking world call, earth.

I have come to the conclusion that one has to be a decent writer and able to express oneself clearly in order to achieve a communication that is beneficial to others. So how do you know if you are able to do just that? Well, you start writing and if anyone reads it, that is a start!

Before undertaking the somewhat monumental task of writing anything as ambitious as a book or a script, it is now possible to test the waters as a writer and find out if anyone will be interested in ones musings through writing a blog. At the time of this writing I sometimes think that I might be “too late for the party”, since everyone and their mother is now writing blogs and one could easily drown in the current current of internet blogs. This may be true, but only if I have nothing to offer.

Obviously video is a powerful way of communicating certain ideas and concepts, there is no doubt about that, observable by the large number of videos that are now on-line. However, the option of reading the transcripts is a quick way to establish if the information is of value without having to sit through a lengthy video presentation only to find out that what is being offered isn’t what you were looking for. Since I don’t think I am alone with this view, there is still plenty of opportunity for writing.

As I am writing this I am experiencing “writers block”, what the hell? I haven’t even gotten started yet! Well I guess I did start, but then I got hit from somewhere within myself. Thoughts like who is going to read, much less appreciate or like what I am able to write. Do I really have something worthwhile to contribute to the current streams of thought in the world. There is only one way to find out, . . . . . you guessed it, . . . . . WRITE!


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