Last Sunday it was Father’s Day! We got woken up by the home marching band: Anais, Alex and Ginger!

Alex and Anais were singing “Star Spangled Banner” ¬†while Ginger was yapping in rythm.

Claes always wanted a large american flag…

And now he has even a second one around Ginger’s neck! I guess she is going to keep it a least until July 4th!

We had delicious goodies in bed… We ate goat yogurt with blueberries, too much chocolate and drank our Kangen Water and Vital Reds in new patriotic glasses!

Notice the piece of watermelon that Anais had delicately shaped as a star.

Claes was happy.

So while Anais was preparing a guacamole,

he baked us some supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bread — a new recipe of his! It has no wheat or other grains flour, but is so good!

with some meatless patties (soy-free, peas-free). We had a great time, and ended up the day with full stomachs and some champagne (that I did not take pictures of!)


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