I remember when I was working in a cubicle.

I grant you this: it was a large cubicle… but still… it was traumatizing for me.Not at the beginning though. When I took the job, I was SO happy to have a stable job and a regular income!After a few weeks, the magic disappeared and my artist spirit was imprisoned in this building from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Some of you may relate to that.

If it had been in a nice part of the city, maybe it would have been a little bit easier. But it was not the case, it was in the industrial area of North Hollywood.

My office was in the corner of a small room built in a warehouse. Some days when I was in that room, I would suddenly realize where I was and I could see myself from above the clouds in the sky, locked up between those four walls, doing something I did not like to do, just to survive.

I felt miserable.

Because I needed money for me and my children, many days I went in there at 7 AM to do overtime hours.On top of that, I was spending about 4 hours every day in the Los Angeles traffic, between dropping my kids off at school, going to work and doing the same the other way in the evening.

I was feeling very very far from living my dream.

It was not what I envisioned when I came to America a few years prior. We had sold everything and left France to live the American dream. And now here I was, preparing my divorce, struggling for money, not able to create art because I was mentally too stressed for that.

Now when I look back at those days, I am happy.

I am happy because I am not there anymore.

I am also happy because I did experience those events and I can appreciate my current circumstances even more.

About 10 years ago I started changing my life.

The 1st thing I did was to raise my standards. I wrote down a list of things that I will no longer tolerate.

Making decisions is very important. It does not seem that it always works because sometimes you make a decision and you end up not doing what you decided. But there may be different reasons for that. Maybe it was the wrong decision. Maybe it was not the right time to make that decision.

But you can make that decision again. Or you can make another decision.

Try again.

So I decided to raise my standards. And what followed after that was a series of events that little by little, made me evolve towards the creation of my current home business. This was 9 years ago. I am very grateful to myself for not giving up, and instead of collapsing completely, I got back up and made a decision to keep going without knowing what was going to happen, but knowing that it would all be for the best.

Today I am here, as I am writing this, outside on our backyard porch. We live on a ranch house in California and I replaced my cubicle with nature. From my table, I can see my daughter, in the picture, working on her own projects under our beautiful tree.

When I don’t work from my garden table outside, I am in my dining room or in my office/studio. I have big windows and my dogs and cats with me.

Often my husband is cooking for me while I am on Skype helping people achieving their dreams.

Your dream office is also one decision away.

Dreams and decisions are extremely powerful magic tools. When you combine them with faith, you will get to where you want to go. It may not happen in one day. Trust the process. If you keep your intention sharp, nothing can stop you from achieving what you want.

But don’t forget to smell the roses and appreciate what is good right now. The more you focus on what is good, the more good things will come your way.

I still hate cubicles.

In my business, I help people to become free, work from where they want, and have more time for what they really like to do. This is priceless in our society.

This is the part I love the most: TIME. To look at my children. To look at my dogs running around and the cats chasing each other or like this morning, catching a mouse.

I realize how privileged we are, but this privilege comes with courage. Courage to take risks, courage to face loosing things sometimes, courage to receive criticism, even hate occasionally, courage to stand for what you believe and who you are, courage to pursue your dreams.

Because when all is over, and you’re going to go I don’t know where yet, and your body is going to end up in a cubicle, even smaller this time, will your regrets be bigger than your satisfaction?

I want to be satisfied when I die.

 What about you?


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