My name is Nathalie. I am French and I’ve been living in the Los Angeles area since 1997.

I am currently a work-at-home mom, running a successful global home-business, writing, painting, and helping my relatives and friends achieve their own dreams.  In 2008, alone with my 2 children, I hit rock bottom and almost went back to the old continent.

However, MY DREAMS WERE STRONGER THAN FATE. That same year, starting from nothing, I created a six-figure income with my new home based business.

Great things bring more great things and in 2009, at age 45, I met my Prince Charming, who happened to be my soulmate. We got married in February 2012.

I HAVE PLENTY OF OTHER DREAMS. Some that I have achieved and a lot still to materialize. I am so excited when it comes to how you can create your own reality with your dreams. My real passion is to encourage other people to reach their own dreams, because it is when you follow these that you will bring the best out of yourself and give the best of yourself to the people around you.

THERE IS MAGIC IN DREAMING. It has been perverted and nullified. With the society as it is right now, you may have the illusion of dreaming. However, MAKE SURE THESE ARE YOUR OWN DREAMS… It may  just be the dreams of others… Where are your dreams? How can you find them? How do you revive them? How will you use the magic of dreaming to fulfill your desires? What amount of effort will you have to put in to achieve what you want? But first, is it really what you want? What do YOU want?

Under the menu “Why Dreameur”, you’ll find why I named my blog this and why I want to help people dream more. Under the other tabs, I will share other stories of my life, stories about family, friends, dreams, business and things that I enjoy having or doing.

I love my family, my pets, painting, writing,  music, helping people reach their goals and a myriad of other things.

I truly believe that each of us has a calling in life that he needs to find, and that if we start aligning other things around it, everything will be fine, if not wonderful!

Thank you for allowing me to share.

Together We Dream Bigger!



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