Are you concerned about your health? Your children’s health? Your spouse’s health? Or maybe it’s your parents’ health that worries you. Or your friend’s?
In the past, I was not too concerned about my health… although I should have been. I needed to take two naps a day on regular days and it was bothering me a little bit. I was also sick almost 15 days a month, because of my PMS. My life was put on pause every time this happened. Still, I was not aware of how bad I was doing.

I had tried many things before that

I had tried many things, vitamins, supplements, hormonal creams and the like (no medications, of course, as I haven’t been taking any medication for the past 23 years, except painkillers for teeth extractions ) but as nothing had really helped me in the past, I had accepted my physical condition as normal. The only thing I knew was that I needed to exercise more and lose some weight, like 20 pounds or so.

I was just plainly negative about it

Because nothing had really worked for me, I was in a really negative state of mind and not open to something new. That is why, at first, I did not want to try this new water. I was not skeptical, not at all. I was just completely negative. For me water was water, nothing much more to it. Yes, I was drinking water every day, bottled water and, yes, it was a pain to go grocery shopping each week and have to carry all those gallon bottles. When money became very scarce, I switched to water dispensers where you refill your bottles, still it was heavy to carry.

When my best friend gave me a 5-gallon jug of this very special hydrogen rich alkaline water to try out, I did not want to touch it. I was a little mad at her for even trying to force me into it.

But she was my friend, and, only because of that, I started drinking it.

The rest is history

it change my health blog post

I started to become the new “me”, a me that I love way better!

A new well-being started. My body very rapidly transformed itself thanks to the new fluid intakes it was getting. I started to be able to get up very early with no problem and was able to go a full day without naps. I started to live my life in a continuous manner – not only 15 days a month – and this in itself was the most beautiful gift for me.

So if you are concerned about your health, change your water! Drink the best healthy water each and every day. That will be the foundation to the ongoing improvement of your body.

You see, after changing my water and drinking this amazing water for a few months, I became more aware of many things I was eating that weren’t good for me. My body has gotten more aware and more alert. Changing my water was the first step in a series of important changes in my life. I know it influenced a lot of things, because I was feeling better, I was able to perceive better, think more clearly and act more effectively. All this is difficult to explain or demonstrate. You really need to experience it for yourself.

Your body is 72% water, is this a clue?

If you don’t feel good or you feel you don’t operate at your full potential, adding supplement pills to your diet may not do the trick! Yes, you may have to change your diet, but start by changing your water and give your body a break! Your body is 72% water… so do you think it is important to drink good water? You bet it is!

The life changing device that I have on my counter and that produces this unique water  is actually certified as a medical device in Japan.

This water has 3 different properties: Alkaline +Hydrogen rich +Antioxidant

To understand what it does, 

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So… do you want to change your life?

it did change mine

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